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We provide dynamic and innovative solutions.

As the area's leading provider of commercial audio/video systems, we provide dynamic and innovative solutions to meet the objectives and budget for any business. We combine the very best audio/video manufacturer brands with deep industry expertise and a broad range of capabilities. Regardless of size, scope or architectural design, you can feel confident in relying on our experts.

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When you collect all of your building functions into one platform, you can reap many advantages. With integrated building control, you have a single point of access for building, security, fire and energy management. All of your building management systems, technologies and processes are right at hand, increasing your efficiency, making it easier to see both details and the overall picture. Instead of individual controllers, you have one. A single hub monitors, manages and records data in spaces throughout the building. You can make more informed decisions and do it with confidence. You can make the most of building performance, provide greater functionality to your tenants, maximize energy efficiency and reduce risk while gaining greater strategic control of your facility. This centralized system lets you increase safety, giving users a better sense of security. With integrated controls, you can lower life cycle costs in the structure and increase your return on investment over its life span.

Security and Surveillance

Never doubt the importance of an alarm system and surveillance cameras, the heart of every security system, along with the control panel that connects it to a remote monitoring station. With wireless connectivity, you add a second layer of dependability and safety to the traditional system. A state-of-the-art alarm system works with a control panel that sends signals directly to the central monitoring facility. As soon as something out of the ordinary happens, they notify the appropriate authorities and help is on its way.

Smart Building Technology

Using smart building technology, owners can automate many of the functions that keep it running efficiently. Software handles temperature and lighting. Sensors monitor changes, including movement in a room and temperature variations, then send the data to the software. That means a single dashboard can target changes to the rooms that need them, not to all rooms in the building or on a floor. All of this data is tracked and recorded so the software can learn from it, adjusting its changes to the seasons or with occupancy plans schedules. Vacant rooms are a headache for building managers. They can waste significant amount of energy on lighting, heating and cooling. With smart building technology, the system automatically turns lights on and off, and temperatures up and down. These systems can also make adjustments based on person preferences, reducing worker arguments about temperature in the office.

Sound and Video Projector Systems

We provide sound and projector systems that are each professionally designed, engineered, and integrated to meet your unique business needs. We understand that today it's all about the entertainment shopping experience - delivering personal sales and exceptional service to the consumer. This professional approach provides results that are simply not attainable by the un-planned "deal of the moment" world of traditional electronics retailing. For business entertainment, we can help you experience that moment and tailor a system designed specifically for you and your business. We can share our ideas about an entire system or we can provide solutions for a partial upgrade. Whatever your entertainment needs, inside our doors our knowledgeable professionals will guide you through your options based on your priorities.

Motorized Shades

With daylight harvesting, energy management is easier and more efficient. It reduces the use of overhead lighting by using natural ambient light. A daylight sensor in the room measures the levels of light on a continuous basis. When sufficient light is noted, electric lights are dimmed or turned off. The room always has enough light for occupants to do their job, but the use of energy is reduced significantly. In lobbies and atriums, daylight harvesting includes daylight switching, which allows for lighting to be switched off automatically when there is enough natural light. It is turned back on when light levels drop. In offices where changes need to be more subtle, daylight and stepped dimming is used. Lighting is either partially turned off or fully turned off, depending on the level of natural light available.

Sound Masking

Many environments require privacy, silence, or employee concentration and it becomes difficult to achieve when there is intense background noise or noise from outside.

Acoustic Treatment and Noise COntrol

Do you want to reduce the noise pollution in areas you listen to music? Here at Carey's Electronics, we can help you soundproof any area to reduce the impact of unwanted sound. When we provide you with our acoustic treatment/noise control service, we are essentially soundproofing an area. We reduce the sound pressure in relation to a specific sound source and receptor to create barriers to reflect or absorb the sound waves. Whether your needs are commercial or residential, our experts provide you with the correct acoustical soundproofing materials. Our vast selection of top-quality architectural acoustical equipment makes it easy to pick the right materials to suit your needs and situation. We will work with you to ensure the best possible solution is applied to your audio setup. Our specialty knowledge can help solve any issues you may be experiencing with noise control. Visit or call us at Carey's Electronics to book an appointment today!